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Welcome to Kyoto Kytchen

We are a Japanese Snacks vendor, based in Fort Worth, Texas, normally carrying over 100 different products. Everything from pocky to ramune, and gummies to koalas. We usually have a booth at all the larger Anime conventions in Texas that allow food vendors: A-Kon, AnimeFEST, UshiCon, (hopefully) IkkiCon, Oni-Con, San Japan, and venturing outside of Texas in 2011, to Tokyo in Tulsa. Currently we can accept online payments via PayPal, but order thru us directly by emailing us, and that way be able to pay via money order or personal check (especially if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area). Also, please feel free to email us: if you have any questions, or need to communicate with us about shipping. BE AWARE that many of our products contain chocolate, and are therefore VERY HEAT SENSITIVE. So, in the warmer months of the year, the only way to get these type of products from us would be to meet locally (if you live in the DFW Metroplex area of Texas) or you can just pick up your order at the next anime convention that we attend. And remember, Kyoto Kytchen is: Your source for Japanese Snacks! Get your Pocky here!!!

ATTENTION!!! Due to a seasonal shortage in many products, we are asking that you PLEASE EMAIL US FIRST, to check on the AVAILBILITY of the products that you want, BEFORE sending us your order and/or payment.